Screenprinting Services

This is where we shine! Our bread & butter for over 20 years has been our world famous screen-printed tees! With multiple in-house presses, we can take your idea from creation to completion, no matter the size of the job. We have low-minimums of just 12 pieces on single color jobs, & just 24 pieces on multi-color jobs - We can get you branded! 

Specialty Inks

One of the biggest ways we're on the forefront of the printing industry is with our specialty inks.

For those customers wanting soft, vintage apparel - Joe's VintageSoft™ printing is just what you need!  After a couple of washes, you can barely even feel the print on the shirts.


We also offer custom ink color options using the Pantone™ Color Matching System. This allows us to mix brand-specific colors and make sure your print comes out just right! Need a little something extra on your garments?  Ask about our liquid metallics, shimmer metallics, glow-in-the-dark, and other specialty inks.