Case Studies - Yeah, We Did That!

At Cotton Eyed Joe's we are very proud of the work we do for our clients. We love to see a project come together and make our customer's visions a reality! Even though we love ALL of our clients, here are some of our favorite projects that really highlight what all CEJoe's can do for your brand!

The Hawks needed to spruce up their gym, field house, and school signage, so they got CEJoe's to help them SOAR!
The University of North Georgia looks to Cotton Eyed Joe's to make their Nighthawks branding look top notch!
Joe's has long been teammates with the elite basketball program at Buford - handling their branding, apparel, and signage!
The GBC Student Ministry Department enlisted Joe's to help with signage, branding, and more for their major events.
CEJoe's has teamed up with North Point Ministries and their strategic partners to make a huge impact with several of their big events & projects!
One of the most elite high school football programs in the country
came to Joe's to help take their branding, apparel, and signage to the next level!

When the best loud speaker company came to us to help with their marketing and trade show needs,
we knew their image needed to be like their speakers: loud and clear!