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CEJOES - Customer Supplied Goods
Terms & Conditions

CEJOES only allows for Customer Supplied Goods to be submitted for an order on specific occasions.  The main allowance is for athletic/team apparel supplied by BSN or other similar suppliers.  This would include products such as Nike, Under Armour, BSN, etc. that CEJOES may not have ordering access available.

CEJOES will decorate these items under certain conditions agreed upon by the customer.  This conditions include the understanding that CEJOES will make every effort to minimize any possible damages that may occur while embellishing these products, while understanding that accidents can happen, and if damage does occur, CEJOES can not replace nor reimburse these items.  If the product is an item that CEJOES can order, we may be able to supply a replacement at our discretion.


CEJOES does reserve the right to refuse specific items that may not decorate will, preventing any potential issues.

By agreeing to these terms and placing a Customer Supplied order with CEJOES, you hereby release CEJOES from any potential claim resulting from damage from the supplied items.


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